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About the Kaladar Jack Pine Barren Conservation Reserve:

Jack Pine Conservation is a non-profit association that provides research, conservancy, and education for Kaladar’s Jack Pine Barren Reserve

The 188-acre parcel was a candidate for Environmental Protection (EP) and recognized for its significant natural heritage values. Initially identified as an International Biological Preserve (IBP) site in 1974, it was subsequently identified as a provincially significant Area of Natural Scientific Interest (ANSI) in the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) former Tweed District Land Use Guidelines (1983) and confirmed as a Life Science ANSI in Site District 6-10 (White 1993).

The property is a by-appointment only facility. The estate will be open to the public after construction completion in 2023. All proceeds raised at event bookings, through merchandise, or other means on the premise are reinvested back into a variety of programs that benefit the Jack Pine Conservation Reserve’s inhabitants.

Jack Pine Conservation Functions:
  • Land conservancy
  • Monitoring of biodiversity
  • Further research on barren ecosystems
  • Inventory and advanced understandings of flora and fauna
  • Event bookings for fundraising
  • Public education and health programs
About our History

Our Success Story

August 11, 2017

Property is purchased and donated by Kyle X. Mufti, naming his vision for it the Jack Pine Conservation Estate with plans to establish non-profit land conservancy.

image of Jack Pine Conservation when purchased on August 11, 2017

September 18, 2017

Quinte Conservation’s planner and ecologist Tim Trustham was invited for a site visit report and review of the landscape. Construction was approved with a 30m setback from wetlands and road access determined based off minimal impact of plant and trees by following old logging road that was excavated in the past. Incredible environmental insight from Tim and a wonderful relationship had begun.

image of Tim Trustham at Jack Pine Conservation on September 18, 2017

September 02, 2018

Site visit with Ken Buxton along with garage and conservation layout pre-build. Approval to proceed with main structure and road works granted upon septic and building permits via contractors awarded each tender.

image of the Conservation's building plans

Sept 15, 2018

Test holes for septic dug and application filed for permits to install septic for conservation and washroom facilities.

image of an excavator digging holes

October 12, 2018

Entrance and building permit approval granted by Ken Buxton, CBO from Addington Highlands Township to erect a 23’ tall timber frame entrance for conservation.

image of the Conservation's front entrance being constructed

November 15, 2018

Site Plans reviewed for finalization with CBO for the vision of Jack Pine Conservation, consisting of 8 separate buildings to facilitate fundraising venue and educational center.

image of the Conservation's building plans

March 01, 2019

Tenders awarded to local contractor who begins meetings with township and preparing for construction of main conservation, catering pavilion, outdoor washroom facilities, outdoor events pavilion, refreshment building, granite ridge lookout building, granite ridge educational building, and maintenance building.

image of the Conservation's construction in progress

April 08, 2020

Well drilled for watering of tree planting initiatives.

image of the Conservation's well

April 10, 2020

Parking lot investment completed to allow for education field trip and visitation parking across from entrance way.

image of the Conservation's parking lot in progress

April 15, 2020

Construction halted for 1 year due to safe working COVID-19 practices.

image of the Conservation's building plans

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