Staff and Board of Directors

To contact a staff member at Jack Pine Conservation, please email or dial 1800-850-6681 and the extension that follows. Emails can be directed to our staff by using the first initial and last name. For example: [email protected]. Alternatively, send us an email to [email protected] and we will see fit that it reaches the correct staff member.

Image of Jennifer Muffty, Director of Jack Pine Conservation

Jennifer Muffty

Director, Jack Pine Conservation

Jennifer is our nature loving vegan and mother nature of the premise. No tree is trimmed or stone turned without her oversight and the forests approval prior to. It is not uncommon to spot her hugging trees or grounding throughout the property so please, do not raise any concerns should you see her whispering to the trees. She is in full sanity and a true forest dweller that holds a deep passion for forest preservation.

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Image of Jennifer Muffty, Chair of Jack Pine Conservation

Kyle Mufti

Director, Jack Pine Conservation

Kyle is a business magnate and entrepreneur. He has donated much of his wealth to science in hopes of advancing research on biodiversity while preserving and monitoring nature. Kyle X. Mufti purchased the Jack Pine Conservation Estate in 2017 with a vision of using the grounds for fundraising and educational programs for the public after building a venue which could facilitate such efforts. Kyle has committed to this vision by organizing a team of influential environmental authorities in Addington Highlands and Land o Lakes region to see advanced research and preservation of the Kaladar Jack Pine Barrens.

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Image of Agnes Jankiewicz, Head of Web Development and Marketing at Jack Pine Conservation

Agnes Jankiewicz

Creative Director, Author

Agnes is our team’s creative jack of all trades. There is no graphic, web or video challenge she cannot tackle when the team needs it, given the right amount of caffeine. Beginning with the conception of the logo, Agnes has contributed to the branding and design of Jack Pine Conservation Estate’s identity. Having spent years as part of the ZHP Polish Scouting Association and many summers in her grandmother’s cottage, she holds a great appreciation for the outdoors and owes much of the inspiration for her fantasy novel series Q-16 to them.

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Image of Tim Trustham, Planner and Ecologist at Jack Pine Conservation

Tim Trustham

Planner & Ecologist, Advisory Board of Directors

Tim is a senior member at Quinte Conservation. During his career, Tim has worked as an ecologist, environmental planning technician, and is currently a land operations coordinator. He's a true member of the community and scientist at heart, participating in many efforts which include educational guides with Harvest Hastings and Friends of Salmon River. Tim Trustham also manages 12,145 hectares with Eastern Ontario Model Forest, and is currently advising on the best monitoring, development and management approaches for the Jack Pine Conservation Estate.

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